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Cruisin' 4 Kids with Cancer

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Welcome to Cruisin' 4 Kids With Cancer!


We all have important values and ideas, things we care about and want to share. Sometimes we feel our ideas can even change the world, help those around us. We want to let other people know how they can join in and help us make a difference.

In December 2000, a few weeks before Christmas,our son Hunter was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, Stage III.  He was only 2 years old. Our family began a journey we could have never imagined. The outlook was grim but we never gave up hope. After many surgeries,Chemotherapy treatments, a stem cell harvest, bone marrow transplant & radiation, Hunter is a vibrant, happy 13 year old. Every year over 13,500 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer. Many lose their battle. I can't over-emphasize the importance of raising awareness and money to help find a cure. We are just one set of parents among many with determination to make a difference.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to increase awareness about childhood cancer, the patients, the families and to stress the urgent need for research that can lead to a cure.

Cruisin' for Kids with Cancer was born out of pure frustration! When Hunter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, we spent most of our lives on the highway, traveling out of state for treatment. We were blessed to have support from family, dear friends and co-workers. We felt the need to give something back that would help other families in the same situation. When Hunter was able, he began to attend a yearly camp for kids with cancer. Camp COCO.
 . Hunter looks forward to camp all year long. For some patients, this is the only thing they can attend all summer. We decided our motorcycle ride should benefit Camp COCO. This is a camp held at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center near Bloomington, IL. and is sponsored by SIU Foundation. Camp COCO is for provided for patients at no cost to families. Campers spend a week doing things other kids do. Camping, hiking, crafts, activities, and horseback riding.  Doctor and nurses are available for medical care patients may need.
 10. You can make new friends.
  9. There are lots of fun activities to do.
  8. You can feel normal.
  7. The counselors are crazy but cool.
  6. Where else can you go to the Med Shed?
  5. The chance to be outdoors!
  4. You get to learn about other people.
  3 . We've got horses!
  2. You can get your counselor to do anything you want.
  And the number one reason---
  1. It's the only place where I want to spend my summer!
Some thoughts from campers:
"When I grow up I want to live at Camp COCO"
"Camp is life for me!"
"I had so much fun I don't want to leave!"
"The zip line was fun!"
"My favorite thing is the bow and arrows"
"We have fun and we all have one thing in common"
"None of my friends know what vincristine is or the pros and cons of having a bald head but at camp COCO everyone has experienced this life -threatening disease."

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