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We will once again join the many families who live on the highways traveling for treatment. Hunter has many late effect issues. Short term memory, learns at a much slower rate, hearing loss, slow growth and issues regarding his teen years. His heart, lungs and his remaining kidney must be monitored annually.  At this time he is considered NED - no evidence of disease. 

We visited St. Louis and saw one of Hunter's original doctors. We have to continue with labs, echo, ekg, hearing tests, x-rays, annual physical, etc. We learned a lot about effects the drugs have long after treatment has stopped and what else to watch for. We visited the hospital floor where we spent countless days. Hunter remembers some things but not a lot. 

Hunter had his annual eye exam. He sees better than 20-20!

New this year to the ride! Classic cars, muscle cars, gearheads!
You are invited to show off your "ride" and make a difference in the life of a child with cancer!

May 25, we celebrate Hunter's "2nd" birthday! 11 years since his bone marrow transplant! It is referred to as his 2nd birthday because it was his second chance at life. Annual tests coming up soon.

June - Hunter has had some tests done in prep for his annual check-up with his Oncologist in St. Louis. He has some low CBC counts, and will have to repeat the test in a month. We received some test results today- normal! We are waiting on test results for Pulmonary function. 
JULY - Pulmonary function tests are fine! This was a concern since Hunter's rib cage on one side has recessed inward. Some kids also experience decreased lung function as a result of radiation and chemotherapy. 
After Camp COCO Hunter will have to repeat his labs.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered , donated, and supported Crusin' 4 Kids with Cancer. We couldn't have done it without you! 








We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.